A Graduate Studio Guidebook for Generative Design Researchers

This document is written to guide the graduate students of design informatics, those working on Generative Design subjects

AI Configurators

AI Configurators; 3D Layout via Reinforcement Learning

Combinatorial Surface & Solid Design

Combinatorial Surface & Solid Design through Polygonization and Polyhedralization

Computational Shape Optimization

Computational Shape Optimization for Designing Compression-Only Masonry/Earthy Buildings

Computational Topology Optimization

Computational Topology Optimization for Designing Compression-Only Masonry/Earthy Buildings

Gamification of Generative Design

Gamification of Generative Design for Combinatorial Generation of Modular Designs

Generative Configuration Design

Feed-Forward 3D Layout Optimization as to Spatial Qualities and Requirements

Generative Solar-Climatic Configuration

Mathematical Derivation of Building Envelopes as to Climatic Requirements

Human-Space Interaction Modelling

Human-Space Interaction Modelling for Spatial Cognition and Space Navigation

Maximizing Solar Electricity Yield

Computational Derivation of Configuration of Photovoltaic Panel Arrays on Buildings