Block Partí

Image credit_ Selina Bitting

The complete thesis is under a temporary embargo until we publish the results of the research in a peer-reviewed journal article that is in preparation.

Block Partí is a methodology which uses tessellations to generate dry-fit, stackable blocks for constructing vaulted ceilings Block Partí re-imagines tessellations to form the foundation of a methodology and to become vaulted ceilings. A feed-forward workflow embeds structural performance into the form generation by integrating and predicting the structural design, rather searching for it. The power of the pattern comes to fruition with the introduction of a shape grammar which is based on the topology of the tessellation. The final step of validation is done by casting 1:1 block prototypes as well as 3D-printing the full form. The resulting methodology reimagines the relationship between block construction, modularity, and generative design, while being an ode to the power patterns. The Block Partí methodology stems from a gleeful experimentation with shapes and patterns. This led to the development of a method for pattern navigation which largely shapes the resultant generative workflow. Translating this pattern navigation into 3-Dimensional (3D) geometries leads to blocks which are of a set number of variations and have an objectively intricate aesthetic. Merging the opportunity to have a limited number of modules with great visual variability leads to a product which can address a market gap in the building construction industry, which is exciting to explore.