The Appeal Of Small World Landscape; Complexity or Simplicity?

Big Questions About Literally Small Worlds


This talk was a part of lecture series on Future Landscapes Symposium organized by Marie Skłodowska-Curie projects TerraNova and Heriland. TERRANOVA and HERILAND are two Marie Skłodowska-Curie projects. In this symposium they present powerful new ideas, tools and training to create sustainable future landscapes, based on deep history and spatial heritage approaches. Special thanks to Prof. Gert-Jan Burgers and Dr.Niels van Manen for organizing this event 🙏. At the end of the event, inspired by all the lectures, amazing singer-songwriter, Kiki Schippers performed her original Future Landscape song😃. ….and suddenly we felt an inspiration near us; in the corner of the room said Gaming Pirouz; you think all you know is true, he said, but let’s go play; if we want a future can we resist the rules of betraying our principles, objectives, or networks, works for the better, let us cook this meal of knowledge, all of us together! Then Nan came up with a list of our needs in this new mood, turned out to be a combination of fresh and comfort food…

Feb 24, 2021 —
live streamed on YouTube