Technical report on digitization of configure-to-manufacture processes in building construction; state of the art and propositions for progress, funded by industry

Team: Dr.ir. P. Nourian, ir. S. Azadi, ir. P. Flickweert, Ir. J.J.J.G.Hoogenboom, Prof.dr.ir. I.S. Sariyildiz

Key words: Modular Architecture, Product Configurator, Combinatorial Design, Procedural Design

In this report, we present an overview of the latest industrial/practical and academic/theoretical solutions and approaches currently available or known to the public for mass customization of building construction, particularly housing and office buildings. We start by looking at the process of mass-customization, focusing on the fabrication approaches. Then we investigate the parametric/continuous approach to customization versus the combinatorial/discrete approach to customization; make a comparison between them and draw conclusions on the most promising approaches. Finally, we conclude with a proposed computational design approach, a list of priorities and essential steps for future innovation and development, and depict a prospect for digital masscustomization of construction.