EARTHY; Computational Generative Design for Earth and Masonry Architecture

Article published in the bulletin RUMOER, issue 74, pp. 47-53

Authors: Pirouz Nourian, Shervin Azadi


EARTHY is a master’s level design studio offered by the chair of Design Informatics in collaboration with the chair of Structural Design and Mechanics. As the name suggests, the course is about designing and engineering earthy buildings, in particular adobe buildings, intended for mid-term accommodation of displaced communities. Our goal is to design buildings that can be ideally built by their prospective inhabitants. Earthy buildings are virtually 100% recyclable, and, compared to tents, they offer much more comfort. The use of earthen materials necessitates the knowledge of complex geometry, e.g., in designing and technical drawing of vaults, domes, and arches in optimal shapes. The focus of the course is on the relations of materials, forms, and structures, explored computationally. Automated construction design and generation of assembly instructions are extra challenges to be tackled via computation.