Computational approach for checking compliance with European view and sunlight exposure criteria

17th IBPSA Conference Bruges, Sep 2021

Authors: Eleonora Brembilla, Shervin Azadi, Pirouz Nourian


This paper presents open-source computational workflows for assessing the “Exposure to sunlight” and “View out” criteria as defined in the European standard EN 17037 “Daylight in Buildings”, issued by the European Committee for Standardization. In addition to these factors, the standard document also addresses daylight provision and protection from glare, both of which fall out of the scope of this paper. The purpose of the standard is stated as ‘encouraging building designers to assess and ensure successfully daylit spaces’. The standard document proposes verification methods for performing such assessments, albeit without recommending a simulation procedure for computing the aforementioned criteria. The workflows proposed in this paper are arguably the first attempt to standardize these assessment methods using de-facto open-source standard technologies currently used in practice. The approach of this work is twofold: establish that the compliance check can be systematically performed on a 3D model by a novel simulation tool developed by the authors; and highlighting the additional assumptions that need to be implemented to build a robust and unambiguous tool within existing open-source frameworks.