A Computational Approach for Aenewable Architecture

A computational approach for renewable architecture; a generative design approach using bioplastics and earth by **Idil Gumruk**

A Machine-Learning Process Based on Topological Shape Recognition

Shape-based classification of seismic building structural types by **Raphael Sulzer**

A Participatory Design Game for Social Housing Configuration

A Participatory Design Game for Social Housing Configuration in the Context of Manaus, in Brazil by **Vasilka Espinosa**

Computational Method for Early-Stage Design Optimization of Naturally Ventilated Terminals

Computational method for early-stage design optimization of naturally ventilated terminals by **Okan Türkcan**

Customized Collective Housing

Customized collective housing, an approach towards participatory design of dwellings by **Jacob Wysocki**

Developing a Computational Method for Including a Client’s Input In a Mass Customizable 3D Module Building Industry

Developing a computational method for including a client’s input in a mass customizable 3D module building industry by **Timmo de Haas**


Platform for developing architectural configurations using generative design Methodologies by **Aditya Pravin Soman**

Generating Building Envelopes Using Multi-Objective Optimization Techniques

Generating building envelopes using multi-objective optimization techniques by **Max Ketelaar**


A tool for easy access of architectural polygonization using the Boolean Marching Cubes Algorithm by **Solkyu Park**

Investigating Principal Stress Lines, Optimization of Gridshell Structures

Investigating principal stress lines, optimization of gridshell structures by **Michael Cobb**