A Lecture Series on Generative Design


In this lecture series, we focus on the fundamental concepts from mathematics and computer science that are essential for computational generative design. The aim of the series is not to traditionally teach all there is to a subject but to pass an intuition and trigger an interest for learning more from other resources. The slides, lecture notes, or the workshop notes of these lectures are to be shared as open-access learning materials here.

Jan 1, 0001 12:00 AM

Overview of the playlist

Generative Design Research MethodologyThis lecture focuses on Generative Design Research Methodology for Architecture and where it stands in the filed of computational design.WatchNotes
Implicit Functions, Level Sets, Marching Squares, Marching Cubes and their use in ArchitectureThe mathematical fundaments of level set modelling methods for creating iso-curves, iso-surfaces, and the so-called meatballs are explained in this lecture. A particularly comprehensive overview is given about the meaning of implicit functions and their use in creating geometries without drawing. This lecture is one of the lectures of the minor degree programme Spatial Computing in Architectural Design.WatchNotes
Participatory Generative Design Methodology in ArchitectureIn this lecture we discusses the aim, theoretical underpinnings, and the practice of the scientific method in systematic exploration/itemization and/or systematic deduction/derivation in [architectural] design given measurable functional or performance objectives and physical constraints.WatchNotes
Preliminaries of Geometry & Topology for Computational DesignIn this lecture, we talk about the essentials of geometry and topology for computational design.WatchNotes
Preliminaries of Linear Algebra for Computational DesignIn this lecture, we talk about the essentials of linear algebra and computer graphics for computational designWatchNotes
Graphs & Scalar FieldsIn this lecture, we talk about graphs and fields as mathematical representation of shapes and their application in Generative Design.WatchNotes
A Topological Way of Designing BuildingsIn this lecture, we talk about configurative design methodology for ensuring an effective network structure in buildings.WatchNotes