topoGenesisis is an open-source python package that provides topological structures and functions for Generative Systems and Sciences for various application areas


Cheetah the ONFIGURBANIST is a plugin for configurational analysis in urban design projects, made as an add on for grasshopper©.


R-Map aims to analyze the impact of remote working arrangements (RWAs) on the disparities between urban and rural regions in Europe. The project bases its research on the premise that understanding and shaping the trends related to the emergence of RWAs provides an opportunity to bridge the urban-rural divide affecting its multiple facets. To achieve its goals, R-Map will produce an Integrated Impact Assessment Framework (powered by the R-Map model) that will allow the assessment of individual, social, economic, environmental and spatial impacts of RWAs.


Emergentium is an open and accessible platform for urban and spatial simulations. It aims to facilitate research on multi-dimensional, multi-criteria, and multi-actor aspects of the built environment by providing a dynamic and interactive simulation platform that focuses on decentralized spatial simulations.


RASTERWORKS provides topological rasterization and vectorization (polygonization) of scalar fields.


Solaris is a model to estimate (not calculate in any physical unit) how much a configuration of buildings is lit throughout a year or shadowed by its neighbours, made as an add on for grasshopper©.


SYNTACTIC is a toolkit developed as a parametric CAD program for configurative design of architectural plan layouts.


TOIDAR is a suite of educational Toys for LIDAR point cloud processing_Archived


A vectorized Dynamic Relaxation algorithm