Shape Optimization

Computational Method for Early-Stage Design Optimization of Naturally Ventilated Terminals

Computational method for early-stage design optimization of naturally ventilated terminals by **Okan Türkcan**

Generating Building Envelopes Using Multi-Objective Optimization Techniques

Generating building envelopes using multi-objective optimization techniques by **Max Ketelaar**

Investigating Principal Stress Lines, Optimization of Gridshell Structures

Investigating principal stress lines, optimization of gridshell structures by **Michael Cobb**

Subdivision & Approximation of Free-Form Steel Structures

Subdivision and approximation of free-form steel structures, development of a methodology for quadrangular subdivision of free-form steel shapes into optimized producible panels. Implementation in a semi-parametric tool by **Thomas van Loon**

Generative Solar-Climatic Configuration

A model for feed-forward optimization of building envelopes as to solar energy potential by **Anastasia-Kassiani Florou**

Towards A New Tensegrity System

Towards a new tensegrity system for large-span structures by **Duc Ngo**