Generative Science

A Machine-Learning Process Based on Topological Shape Recognition

Shape-based classification of seismic building structural types by **Raphael Sulzer**

Generating Building Envelopes Using Multi-Objective Optimization Techniques

Generating building envelopes using multi-objective optimization techniques by **Max Ketelaar**

Generative Solar-Climatic Configuration

A model for feed-forward optimization of building envelopes as to solar energy potential by **Anastasia-Kassiani Florou**

A Graph-Matching Approach to Indoor Localization

A graph-matching approach to indoor localization by **Fanny Bot**

Analysis of Urban Space Networks for Recreational Purposes based on Mobile Sports Tracking Application Data

Analysis of urban space networks for recreational purposes based on mobile sports tracking application data by **Rusne Sileryte**

Assignment of Walking Trips to Pedestrian Network

Assignment of walking trips to pedestrian network in the context of the 4-steps travel demand mode by **Ioanna Tsakalakidou,**

Re-thinking The Region

Re-thinking the region; Systematic evaluation of residential location choice under disaster risk by **Kotryna Valeckaite**