Configurative Design

Developing a Computational Method for Including a Client’s Input In a Mass Customizable 3D Module Building Industry

Developing a computational method for including a client’s input in a mass customizable 3D module building industry by **Timmo de Haas**


Platform for developing architectural configurations using generative design Methodologies by **Aditya Pravin Soman**

Generating Building Envelopes Using Multi-Objective Optimization Techniques

Generating building envelopes using multi-objective optimization techniques by **Max Ketelaar**

Participatory Design Game for Urban Slum

Participatory design game for urban slum upgrading in the context of Addis Ababa by **Beza Bekele**

Generative Solar-Climatic Configuration

A model for feed-forward optimization of building envelopes as to solar energy potential by **Anastasia-Kassiani Florou**

A Computational Method to Generate One-story Floor Plans

A computational method to generate one-story floor plans for nursing homes based on daylight hour potential and shortest path of circulations by **Lincheng Jiang**


A methodology to convert an existing layout into a residential one by **Konstantina Chouliara**

David & The Vegetable Factory

A two-stage optimization model for generating a vegetable factory's facility layout using the gradient descent approach by **David den Ouden**

AI Configurators

AI Configurators; 3D Layout via Reinforcement Learning

Generative Configuration Design

Feed-Forward 3D Layout Optimization as to Spatial Qualities and Requirements